About Us


GCPS is an independent school catering for children from the age of 12
months to Grade R. Our goal is to prepare our learners for confident
entry into well sought after feeder schools. We are not a daycare or
crèche. We are a school offering dynamic education.

We are a Christian pre-school and a Ministry of Glenwood Community
Church. Above the official curriculum taught, we offer Bible-based
lessons taught by experienced and loving teachers who have insight into
each child’s individual needs.

At GCPS, we lay a sound foundation in the formative years in terms of
intellectual, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development.
We host wonderfully airy classrooms and a lovely spacious outdoor playing area.

Our building encourages happy learning through play, discovery and formal teaching.
GCPS offers a comprehensive Aftercare program to cater for children of
working parents/guardians. The schedule is designed to keep learners
stimulated and supports skills being taught in our morning classroom curriculum.

We offer Holiday Care AT NOT ADDITIONAL COST to enrolled
students during the holiday periods between school terms. However, this
does not include the December/January period as we close during this time.
Our school environment is safe and our premises are securely closed. A
security guard is on duty and we are linked to an armed response which
includes panic buttons. Responsible adult supervision is provided at all
times. All staff members have access to well stocked First Aid boxes and
cupboard for medical situations. The City Health ensures that a safe,
secure and healthy environment is maintained by GCPS. In addition, an
official from the Health Department has HIGHLY RECOMMENDED our



Our school day starts at 08:15, Monday to Friday.
Learners can be dropped off from 07:15 with our friendly staffing team.
Our school day ends at 12:00 for Grade 0000, Grade 000 and Grade 00 learners.

Our school day ends at 12:30 for Grade R learners, however, collection is
at 13:00 to allow for 30 minutes of outdoor play before heading home.
Aftercare starts at 12:00/12:30 respectively and runs until 17:15 daily.


Term 1: 18 January – 16 April (Holiday Care: 19 – 30 April)
Term 2: 3 May – 9 July (Holiday Care: 12 – 23 July)
Term 3: 26 July – 1 October (Holiday Care: 4 – 8 October)
Term 4: 11 October – 10 December (Holiday Care: 13 – 15 December)
From 17 December 2021, GCPS and Holiday Care will be closed for the
festive season. We will announce the opening of school in January 2022
once confirmed.



Within the school morning, time is allocated for snack and lunch time.
During Aftercare, snack time takes place at 15:00 daily.
Parents/Guardians are asked to provide healthy snack and lunch options
daily. A water bottle must be sent to school daily. A juice box may be
sent as an additional treat.
Due to potential allergies and for hygiene purposes, NO sharing of food is

We are a NUT PRODUCT FREE SCHOOL. No peanut butter/nut butters
or nut milks/products allowed on the premises.