Daily drop off from: 07:15
School starts: 08:15



*Fees are due by the 7 th of each month.
* Failure to pay fees timeously will result in suspension of a child’s
attendance until fees are up to date.
* A month’s written notice or a full month’s fees are required in the
case of the withdrawal of a child for whatever reason. 


Registration Fee (non-refundable) All students R250.00

Annual Levy

This levy is payable at the commencement of
each year. This is used to cover a variety of
extra activities provided for your child,
including educational shows and programs.

Registration Fee  R250

12 – 24 months R160.00
2 – 6 years R340.00

Stationery Levy
We arrange and supply all stationery needed
throughout the year.

Grade 00 R440.00
Grade R R660.00

Personal Requirements


 Starting in January 2022, all students will be required to wear uniforms daily.

This will consist of a blue school shirt (short sleeve and long sleeve options available) and black pants.

School shirts will be sold by GCPS however, the black pants are up to you to purchase.

Children may wear shorts, long pants, or leggings.

NO skirts/dresses allowed. The colour of the pants has to be black with no other details,

pictures, large logos, sayings, or embellishments. These items need to be comfortable and easy to move, run, climb and play in.


Short sleeve GCPS school shirt: R70 each

Long Sleeve GCPS school shirt: R80 each

School Bag: R140.00
School Security Card: R20.00 per card
We adhere to strict security protocols. A security card is needed for each child as well as
for each adult/person authorized to collect each child. For example, if mom and dad will
potentially pick up a learner respectively, 2 cards will be needed equaling R40.00. All
security cards are to be completed and issued before the child may commence
attendance at GCPS.


 Birth certificate of learner
Immunization Card
Recent School Report (if applicable)
Identity Document of Mother and/or Father and/or Guardian
Proof of Employment of Mother and/or Father and/or Guardian
Proof of Residence of Mother and/or Father and/or Guardian
Guardianship/Court Documents (if applicable)
Medical Aid Card (if applicable)

An official application pack with all application forms is available at
the office on request. Kindly make contact with us via a phone call,
WhatsApp message or email should you not be able to come in and pick
the application forms up.


We do not accept sick children at school.
Symptoms such as coughing and a runny nose highlight a sick child.
We do not accept children with any type of contagious illness during
the period of illness.
No medication will be accepted to be administered at GCPS. It is
against state regulations to receive or administer medication at
schools. Please refer to the South African Schools Act.
All immunization requirements need to be met before a child can be
accepted at GCPS.


*Observations and assessments are conducted by our qualified
teachers and parent-teacher dialogue is encouraged.

*Specialized help is recommended if any learning or behavioral
problems are observed.

*GCPS reserves the right to suggest an alternative school placement in
certain cases.

*Progress reports are issued throughout the year. Please see our
Classes page for information.

*Please ensure the emergency page in the application form is correctly
filled out in the case of an emergency.