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Glenwood Community Pre-school is a Christian Pre-school and is committed to, providing a child centred approach to early childhood education, which is directed towards the realisation of individual potential of each child.

We endeavour to ensure optimal, social emotional, physical, spiritual and academic development of learners through the employment of committed and well trained educators and the involvement of parents, families and the community in all aspects of the child’s development and school life.


Building Blocks for a brighter future!


What we have to Offer


  • A comprehensive Aftercare programme designed to keep the children stimulated and which is supportive of skills being taught in our morning classroom curriculum.
  • Optional extra mural activities – Action Ball, Soccer Stars and Build em Brix are available to parents who desire additional activities for their children
  • On sight Speech and Occupational Therapy is available
  • Holiday Care (At NO additional cost) is available during the school holidays, except for a few weeks over the Christmas season, when we close.
  • We offer Bible-based Christian Education which is taught by experienced and loving teachers, who have insight into your child’s individual needs.
  • We will lay a sound foundation in the formative years in terms of intellectual, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development.
  • We focus strongly on Emotional Intelligence!
  • We have large airy classrooms as well as a lovely spacious outdoor play area.


School Times

  • Our School Opens at 7:00am at which time our staff will be ready and happy to receive children.
  • Children who are part of our Aftercare Facility are to be collected no later than 17:15.

School Curriculum and Readiness

  • We are an independent school, with a recognised educational curriculum, preparing our learners for confident entry into well sought after feeder schools, as opposed to a day crèche or baby minding facility.
  • We follow the C.A.P.S comprehensive         school readiness programme which soundly prepares the children for Grade 1.


Parent Contact

  • Observations & assessments are conducted by our teachers and parent teacher dialogue is encouraged.
  • Specialised help is recommended if any learning or behavioural problems are observed.
  • Reports for all children are sent home in July and December (Grade R per term)


Financial Matters


Fee Structure – Total Per Annum


12:00 (Half Day)         –           R21 412-00

13:00                           –           R23 568-00

15:00                           –           R27 868-00

17:15                           –           R32 155-00


Monthly Fees (Over 11 Months)

January – November

12:00 (Half Day)         –           R1 947-00

13:00                           –           R2 143-00

15:00                           –           R2 533-00

17:15                           –           R2 923-00


  • Fees are payable in advance and INCLUDING on enrolment.
  • Fees are due by the 7th of each month.
  • Failure to pay fees timeously will result in suspension of a child’s attendance, until fees are up to date.
  • A month’s written notice or a full month’s fees are required in the case of withdrawal of a child for whatever


Registration Fees & Annual Levy

  • A non-refundable registration fee of

R 200 is payable when enrolling your child

  • An annual levy is payable at the commencement of each year. This is used to cover a variety of extra activities provided for your child, including education programmes, puppet shows and special events

12 -24mnth R120-00

2-6yrs R250-00

  • A stationery levy of R550-00 is payable for our Grade R Students
  • A stationery levy of R350-00 is payable for our Grade 00 Students


Personal Requirements

Each child is required to have:

  • A school bag (R120)
  • A school t-shirt the colour of his/her group (R60)


Documentation required on application

  • Birth Certificate;
  • Immunisation Card;
  • Recent School Report (if applicable); Identity Document of Mother/Father/ Guardian;
  • Proof of Employment Mother/Father/ Guardian;
  • Proof of Residence (electricity bill, etc) Mother/ Father/Guardian;
  • Guardianship/Court Documents (if applicable);

An official application pack is available at the office on request, which will need to be fully completed and complied with in order to guarantee a successful application.


School Security

  • We adhere to strict security protocols, in our School.
  • A security card for each child is required
  • Security Cards are supplied at a cost of R20-00 per card
  • Each person authorised to fetch the child, requires a Security Card
  • All security Cards to be completed, before the child may commence attendance at School.


Please note: No meals will be provided.


  • Parents/Guardians are asked to provide the necessary snack and lunches according to the child’s specific tastes and requirements
  • We ask that parents please adhere to

Our Healthy Snack Policy


  • We do not accept sick children at school.
  • We do not accept children with any type of contagious illness, during the period of the illness.
  • No Medication will be accepted. It is against state regulations to receive or administer medication at schools. Please refer to the South African Schools Act.
  • All immunisation requirements need to be met before a child can be accepted.



  • Our school environment is safe and securely enclosed, a security guard is on duty and we are linked to armed response as well as panic buttons.
  • Responsible adult supervision is provided at all times.
  • Staff have access to a well stocked medical cupboard for First Aid purposes.
  • The City Health regulations, ensures that a safe, secure and healthy environment is maintained.
  • An official from the Health Dept. has HIGHLY RECOMMENDED our facilities.


Office: (031) 2023879

After-care cell: 062 593 0196




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