Glenwood Community Preschool is one of many ministries of the Glenwood Community Church.
Glenwood Community Pre-school is a Christian Pre-school and is committed to:
·Providing a child centred approach to early childhood education which is directed towards the realisation of the individual potential of each child.
·Ensuring optimal social,emotional,physical,spiritual and academic development of learners through the employment of committed and well trained educators and the involvement of parents,families and the community in all aspects of the child’s development and school life.
· Offering a friendly ,supportive,caring atmosphere,within which parents and educators operate as partners in engendering a sense of stability and security in the children which will lay a firm foundation for their later development into effective and responsible adults.
·Promoting tolerance,respect and understanding of the diverse values , cultures and beliefs which form part of South African society and the school community.
· Guaranteeing a well-managed and financially sustainable organisation which is committed to accountability and transparency.
· Teaching Bible-based principles and instilling Christian Values.
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