In   1991 Dr. David Jacobs , a doctor of education,together with a few other members of the BULWER ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH felt that opening a pre school in the churches large sunday school building would be a practical and effective outreach ministry into the Glenwood Community.
Flyers were distributed in the  immediate area and it informed the community that a pre school would open on the premises of the Bulwer Road Baptist Church on the 15th July 1991.
By December 1991 the school had grown to 13 pupils and at the commencement of 1992 there were 23 pupils enrolled.
The management committee was headed up by Dr. David Jacobs. In 2005 the Bulwer Road Baptist Church changed its name to the GLENWOOD COMMUNITY CHURCH and so the school changed its name to GLENWOOD COMMUNITY PRE SCHOOL.
From these humble beginnings the school has seen many changes and is currently a well established, reputable pre school.
Progress is continuous and ongoing and our pre school has an excellent reputation with many other pre schools as well as top primary schools.
The EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT of the pre school is made up of :
The Pastor (currently Rev. Dean Meistre) who is passionate about the pre school. A Chartered Accountant (Mrs.Philippa Hempson).
Mrs Adele Meistre School Management
Mrs Heather Horne Curriculum Facilitator
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